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      英雄联盟主播投注 We helped women farmers produce more sugar beans through improved farming practices and better seeds.

      Sugar beans are a common crop in Uganda, particularly in highland areas. Farm Africa introduced farmers to a new variety that produces big harvests and is large and attractive, so has significant potential in local and overseas markets.

      As part of our innovative Maendeleo Agricultural Enterprise Fund, which helps women farmers find new ways of working, this project aimed to:

      • help women farmers produce higher yields through improved farming practices and better seeds
      • link them to high-value local markets like supermarkets, schools, hotels and hospitals, where they can sell fresh and dried beans
      • use lessons learned from selling to the Ugandan market to help prepare for entry into the export market
      • improve the quantity of food available to eat and its nutritional quality
      • increase the number of local business and employment opportunities
      • increase the income that women can use to pay school and household expenses

      Farm Africa worked with the National Crop Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI), part of Uganda’s National Agricultural Research Organisation.

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