Preparation of Natural Colors For Holi Festival

Let us make this Holi Festival color free by using natural Eco-friendly colors which are available at our home for making in our daily used products

Here are some simple methods for the preparation of Natural Colors for Holi:

Preparation of Red Color in different ways

  • Mix sindoor powder with whole wheat flour (atta) or refined flour (maida)n
  • Dry red hibiscus flowers in shade and powder to make a lovely red color. To increase the bulk add any flour to it
  • If you like Gulaal (pink colour), then nothing works better than beetroot boiled in water. Make a concentrated concoction and dilute it with water. Now, fill up the water pistons (pichkaari), balloons and buckets with this liquid. Even if kids happen to gulp it, there is no reason to panic.

red color of holi


Preparation of Yellow Color:

  • Mix two teaspoons of haldi / Turmeric powder with double quantity of besan (gram flour). to get bright Yellow Color Haldi and besan are extremely healthy for our skin
  • Dry the rind of the Bael fruit (Aegle marmelos) and grind to obtain a yellow powder.


yellow color for holi

Preparation of Saffron/Orange Color:

  • Mix a pinch of Sandalwood powder from Ujjain (also used in our temples) in one litre of water for an instant, beautiful and fragrant saffron color.
  • Collect and dry the stalks of Harashringar / Parijatak (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis) flowers during the early winter season. Soak them in water to get a pleasant colored orange


saffron color for holi

Preparation of Green Color:

  • Make use only pure Mehendi and not the one mixed with amla (meant to be applied to our hair) as this would be brown in color. Dry Mehendi will not leave color on your face as it can be easily brushed off. Only when it is a paste (i.e. it is mixed in water) will it leave a slight color on your face. Thus, it can be used as a pucca / fast color.
  • Use Mehendi / henna powder, separately or mix with equal quantity of any suitable flour to attain a lovely green shade.

green forholi