TEDERIC's been supporting multiple municipal and domestic engineering construction projects (inspired under government campaigns of co-treatment of five water, the sponge city initiative, etc.) with water, electric gas oil and chemical plastic pipe fittings. And the new countryside revolution is also the latest trend which gives rise to further projects upon this concern in the foreseeable future.

      Environment, no doubt, is becoming an increasingly significant topic whether in China or around the world.

      • Filter Press Plates
      • Septic Tank
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        Big Injection Volume
        Super large injection size technology developed by Tederic, combine the dual-stage extrusion plasticizing, injection mechanism and four cylinder synchronized injection technology together.
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        Multi Components
        Multi-color, angle and component injection molding technology, developed by Tederic, is the managing of two or more injection units in a such as parallel, right-angled or diagonal form.
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        Independent Rotary Platen
        Technology brief:Dedicated rotary table technology, developed by Tederic company, is a native table control unit and a modularized dedicated rotary table system. It can easily combine up with ordinary...
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        Opposite Injection
        The horizontal rotary table is controlled by a servo motor, so as to realize accurate positive and negative rotation of the rotary table. Turntable water adopts rotary sealing technology.
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        Physical Foaming
        Tederic's physical foaming technology is implemented with the use of pressurized Nitrogen through barrel until foams nucleates and grows under pressure drop during injection and at last melts form with cooling mold.
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        Tie Bar Retraction
        Two platen tie bar retraction technology, enables it to withdraw one of the upper tie-bar to make installation of molds easy and convenient. it is also suitable for molds with long lower oil cylinder.
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        Thermosetting Plastic Molding
        TEDERIC has mature technology in thermosetting plastic molding. The use of special plasticized parts allows precise control of the plasticizing temperature without premature curing of the raw materials.
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