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Top 5 Holi messages 2016

  • Red 4 love. Yellow 4 freshness.
    Green 4 prosperity. Blue 4 depth.
    Orange 4 Brightness. Pink 4 fun.
    May these colors bring their meaning
    in ur life……..holi wishes


  • Today we are miles apart,
    But I wanna reach across the miles,
    And say that i’m thinking of you in a very special way..HAPPY HOLI


  • If wishes come in rainbow colors
    then I would send
    the brightest one to say
    Happy Holi.


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Messages for Holi 2016:

As flowers would not be beautiful

If they have no colors,

Life too would be unhappy,

If there is no happiness and joy.

Happy holi


Holi is not only the festival of colours,

It is a festival of togetherness,

It is a festival of forgetting all differences,

And it is a festival of eating delicious dishes.

Happy holi!


   My Heartiest Feelings Are With You
   As You Celebrate This Blessed Festival.
   Have A Happy Holi,
   May Your Heart Be Filled
   With Happiness And Love.
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