A case of illegal poisoning of wintering migratory birds in poyang lake in jiangxi province has been solved
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      • Release date:2019/01/04
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      A case of illegal poisoning of wild migratory birds was successfully detected in jiangxi province on dec 31, 2018, with all six suspects arrested.

      On dec 24, 2018, jiujiang police received a report that 16 migratory birds were suspected to have been poisoned in the waters of the north and south ports of poyang lake in hukou county. After investigation, the 16 migratory birds for the white spoonbill, is the state level ii protected animals. In recent years, our province attaches great importance to and strengthen ecological protection of poyang lake region, to crack down on illegal and criminal activities of all kinds of hunting of migratory birds, leadership attaches great importance to the incident caused province, provincial public security department command deployed provincial forest public security bureau, jiujiang city public security bureau immediately withdraw capable force was astonished, start the mechanism of investigation of major cases, criminal detection work quickly, after extensive investigation, visiting and information comprehensive mastering criminals to ascertain whereabouts. On the afternoon of December 31, the special task force rushed to anqing, nanchang, anhui xinjian district and other places, the pu so-and-so and other six suspects and one suspected of assisting the criminal suspect fled zhang so-and-so all arrested.

      After examination, 6 suspects involved in the crime confessed to the poisoning of winter migratory birds. At present, the case is still in further investigation.

      In order to further strengthen the administration of the poyang lake area winter migratory bird continued to crack down on illegal crime, illegal hunting of migratory birds to protect waters, the ecological environment, the provincial public security department deployed since January 1, 2019 to March 31 in poyang lake area for a period of 3 months in order to crack down on illegal hunting wintering birds with emphasis on the special operation. This special action, focus on the illegal hunting, acquisitions, carrying, transportation, hidden, and its products sell winter migratory birds of all kinds of illegal crime and illegal fishing, illegal sand mining and other winter migratory birds habitat and wetland environment of illegal and criminal activities, in accordance with the law, the quick countered, found together, investigate together, to safeguard the poyang lake ecological security.

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